Friday, February 12, 2010


The Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive shows the history of an era in the South that was an inportant part of Mississippi culture. The archive has several pictures to look at that were from the civil rights era. Victoria Jackson Gray, is documented in the archive because of the voter registration classes that she taught, in the city of Hattiesburg during the 60s. The collection also includes digital pictures and brief commentaries from freedom summer in Hattiesburg. The exhibit had a range of interesting information, I was really interested in F.B.I. files and the arrest reports from the Freedom Riders collection. It was amazing to see the actual reports of the individual who were on the buses. The collection almost goes back in time during the civil rights period. Some of the people were arrested in Jackson, Ms. The experience touch me because I'm from Jackson. It really shoes how the South has change in 50 years, and how far African Americans have come in the fight for civil rights.