Thursday, April 22, 2010


The American Civil Liberties Union filed legal papers today in federal court on behalf of lesbian high school student Constance McMillen regarding a cruel plan to put on a "decoy" prom for her while the rest of her classmates were at a private prom 30 miles away. The amended complaint alleges that the districts's violation of the free speech rights of McMillen, an 18-year-old high school senior who sued her school for canceling the prom rather than let her attend with her girlfriend, repeatedly caused McMillen to be humilated and harrassed.

On March 23, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi issued a preliminart ruling in McMillen's case that school officials violated McMillen's First Amendment rights when it canceled the high school prom rather than let McMcillen attend with her girlfrien and wear a tuxedo. The court stopped short of ordering Itawamba Agricultural High School (IAHS) to put the school prom back on the calendar relying on assurances that an alternative "private" prom being planned by parents would be open to all students, including McMillen.

Man Flips Off Cops, and Wins 50,000 Settlement

David Hackbart flip off a cop, and was citied, for disorderly conduct.

He didn't even get arrested the charge was original drop. He filed a lawsuit agaisnt the city of Pittsburg for violating his First Amendment Rights.

The City of Pittsburg City Council did not want to go to trial, and agreed to settle with Mr. Hackbart for $50,000.

On, so many occassion people are arrested for disorderly conduct, for expressing their frustrations with law enforcement. The lines has to be drawn, so where citizens of this country rights, are people violated on a daily basis.

We have to stand up and do something about this situation, law enforcement is design to protect us not, be assholes, because the feel insulted.

So, next time the police stops you, flip them off, and hopes for a citation.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whats the Matter With Kansas

This book explains how conservatives are able to with the votes of working class America. Thomas Frank, the author says they are able to win the votes by pushings "hot button" social issues. According, to the author, Thomas Frank abortion is never outlawed, school prayer never returns, and the cultural industry is never force to clean up its act. He says social conservatives continue to vote Republican, even though they are voting agaisnt their best interest. I think we have the same problem in Mississippi, maybe i should write a book and call it "Hey Yall, What's the Matter With Mississippi".

Friday, February 12, 2010


The Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive shows the history of an era in the South that was an inportant part of Mississippi culture. The archive has several pictures to look at that were from the civil rights era. Victoria Jackson Gray, is documented in the archive because of the voter registration classes that she taught, in the city of Hattiesburg during the 60s. The collection also includes digital pictures and brief commentaries from freedom summer in Hattiesburg. The exhibit had a range of interesting information, I was really interested in F.B.I. files and the arrest reports from the Freedom Riders collection. It was amazing to see the actual reports of the individual who were on the buses. The collection almost goes back in time during the civil rights period. Some of the people were arrested in Jackson, Ms. The experience touch me because I'm from Jackson. It really shoes how the South has change in 50 years, and how far African Americans have come in the fight for civil rights.