Thursday, April 22, 2010

Man Flips Off Cops, and Wins 50,000 Settlement

David Hackbart flip off a cop, and was citied, for disorderly conduct.

He didn't even get arrested the charge was original drop. He filed a lawsuit agaisnt the city of Pittsburg for violating his First Amendment Rights.

The City of Pittsburg City Council did not want to go to trial, and agreed to settle with Mr. Hackbart for $50,000.

On, so many occassion people are arrested for disorderly conduct, for expressing their frustrations with law enforcement. The lines has to be drawn, so where citizens of this country rights, are people violated on a daily basis.

We have to stand up and do something about this situation, law enforcement is design to protect us not, be assholes, because the feel insulted.

So, next time the police stops you, flip them off, and hopes for a citation.

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